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VETS VOSB & HUBZone Certified - GSA PSS Schedule GS-10F-0047U

We have cyber training programs for your common user all the way up to your network defenders and incident responders.  The former concentrates on practical measures users can implement to protect them against becoming a cyber victim.  The latter teaches those responsible for protecting networks how to construct and exploit threat intelligence to identify, counter, and reverse advanced persistent threats (APTs).  Our trainers will enable the student to turn APTs to their advantage and identify the originators of the attacks, whether state or non-state actors.

Using cyber threat intelligence, we can teach your network defenders to degrade the attackers' ability to penetrate with each subsequent intrusion attempt, thereby significantly improving your organization's defense posture.

Contract our top-tier trainers to teach your end users, network defenders, and incident responders to rebuff persistent attackers.

Cyber Training