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VETS VOSB & HUBZone Certified - GSA PSS Schedule GS-10F-0047U

I greatly appreciate the opportunities you have afforded me as an employee, and it has been my pleasure to work with such an amazing staff of counterintelligence professionals.

 Chad P.


Counterintelligence (CI) is about gathering information and conducting activities to foil espionage, insider threats, cyber threats, sabotage, assassinations, and terrorism.  It's also about collecting intelligence, protecting national secrets, and keeping weapons of mass destruction and embargoed technologies from ending up in the wrong hands.

We are adept at recruiting niche-skilled teams of private-sector talent to answer your organization's CI needs.  Our company founders have earned their stripes, scars, and bars through the twin crucibles of in-country operations and high-level strategic planning.  They lead counterintelligence professionals who know the game and play to win.  Your mission's success becomes the very air that they breathe.

 You’ll be hard-pressed to find another resource whose principals or board members have deeper experience or more impressive credentials in the art.  It’s the kind of know-how and background that’s a magnet to top-tier talent with prodigious experience.